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Air and air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Air and air pollution can cause from car emission, chemical, dust, air planes, and pollen. What cause the air to be bad pollution is factories machines and energy that everyone is using. Air can be fresh and bad air depend on the work that we do. The solution that cause and effect the air to be bad is that the gases of the car, planes, chemical gases, and factories makes the air to be bad because the person that is doing.

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Essay on Air Pollution, Causes, Effects Speech in English - Campus Jugaad

Existing health conditions like asthma can also be aggravated because of these natural causes of air pollution. However, the major causes of air pollution are the activities that are undertaken by human beings, which include burning of waste, fossil fuels, smoke originating from vehicles and industries, gases and agricultural activities [5]. The biggest human source resulting in air pollution is the emissions from industrial establishments, power plants and vehicles [2]. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, poisonous gas that is formed when fossil fuels like natural gas, petroleum and coal burn. Outdoor pollutants are causes of respiratory infections and indoor pollution from fuels contribute to diseases.

Essay on Air Pollution, Causes, Effects Speech in English

The mixture is said to contain traces of pollen, soot, dust, smoke, and liquid Particle Pollution, This form of air pollution appears to affect densely populated, high trafficked areas of the United States. Sources of PM can be traced to exhaust fumes from vehicles, work sites, and possibly nearby industrial plants. Further damage to air quality by PM, involves other harmful matter. PM goes through chemical reactions that involves nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxides Particulate Matter, n.
While air pollution is a serious problem, it is a problem that we can solve! In the United States and around the world, people are taking action to reduce emissions and improve air quality. Creating policies and passing laws to restrict air pollution has been an important step towards improving air quality.
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