Essay on poverty is the mother of crime

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Poverty And Crime

MedSchoolGirl: Essay: "If poverty is the mother of crime, stupidity is its father." Version 1

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. The mother of revolution and crime is poverty Poverty is being without things, having little money, not many material possessions and in need of essential goods. In short, being poor means that the people have nothing, and they have to struggle to even survive everyday. After physically and mentally tortured for a long period of time due to poverty , evil thoughts of getting out of the vicious cycle through illegal ways or new ideas that they think that will improve their lives will gradually start to form in the poor people's minds. These thoughts and ideas cause them to forsake their values and they may eventually change their attitude and behaviour towards issues that are happening around them as long as they can stop being poor. I only agree that the mother of revolution is poverty. There are many examples that happen in the past or happening around us now which can support my stand that poverty is the root cause for quite a number of revolution in history, however poverty does not increase crime rates in countries.

The Mother of Revolution and Crime Is Poverty

In: Social Issues. Within the African community of the Kipsigis, in the South Rift valley Province of Kenya, there is a common saying which is used to insult someone who is lazy and is bound to die poor. It is commonly assumed that there is a direct causal link between poverty and crime. Hardly does a day pass before the highlights in, say, a newspaper, radio or TV, report of crime associated with the poorest areas of any subject society.
Different statistical researches show the correlation between crime rate and poverty. First of all, the level of crime is related to unemployment in all countries. Although, if we study the question further, we can realise, that the relationship is quite superficial. From my point of view, increasing poverty sometimes does lead to soaring crime rate. We know, that is some cases people are able to commit a crime.
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