Food Security and Environment Forum/CCRDA
A familiarization workshop on how to use the findings of the research undertaken in SNNPR on “General Assembly Meeting and Policy Dialogue Workshop on Sustainable Land Management Program of Ethiopia” was organized by the South region food security network 2.08 Megabytes
A one day validation workshop was conducted on the findings of the research undertaken in Amhara region entitled “Sustainability of productive safety net program and current status of graduated households”. A report provided by CCRDA. 1001 Kilobytes
An experience sharing tour has been organized in collaboration with Benishangule-Gumuz Food security network. A report prepared by BGRFSEN TEAM a member of CCRDA, Ethiipia. Entitled “A REPORT ON THE FINDINGS OF EXPERIENCE SHARING VISIT IN SOUTHERN NATION 916 Kilobytes
An experience sharing workshop was organized at Assosa town by CCRDA 1.17 Megabytes
An intra-region experience sharing workshop has been conducted in Assosa town, Benishangul- Gumuz Region. 2.59 Megabytes
Cover page of an study, “An Assessment of the Livelihood Status and Sustainability of Productive Safety Net Program Graduated Households from Chronically Food Insecure Woredas of Amhara Region” 172 Kilobytes
Publication of synthesis report on EFFECTIVENESS OF DEVELOPMENT AGENTS’ PERFORMANCES IN AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY DISSEMINATION:¬ The Case of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPRS), Ethiopia. 1.39 Megabytes
Report of A Policy Dialogue Workshop On “The Role Of Biotechnology For Food Security And Poverty Alleviation: Opportunities And Challenges” 475 Kilobytes
Report on General Assembly Meeting and Policy Dialogue Workshop on Sustainable Land Management Program of Ethiopia. Organized by CCRDA-National Food Security and Environment Forum and South Region Coordination office 2.08 Megabytes
Workshop report on “Proceeding On Workshop Conducted On Food Security And Environmental Management Experiences Drawn From Amhara And Snnpr” which conducted in Benishangul-Gumuz Region organized by CCRDA- FOOD SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENT FORUM 1.17 Megabytes


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