Burkina Faso

Brochure 628 Kilobytes
Focus of the Workshop and Expectations from the Participants 494 Kilobytes
Invitation letter of “Meeting The Challenges Of Food Security In West Africa Through Sustainable Agricultural Development” 57 Kilobytes
Invitation to Reclaiming Rights at Rio: Transformative Agenda at Rio+ 20 and Beyond: A CSO Consultation on the African Agenda 390 Kilobytes
Letter of invitation to Rio + 20 Summit 294 Kilobytes
News letter of ROSSAD. Cover story was “Emergency or resilience, what sustainable actions to come to end hunger in the Sahel” 579 Kilobytes
Operational plan to support vulnerable populations to food crisis. 700 Kilobytes
Plenary on food sovereignty 693 Kilobytes
Presentation of the mid-term review of the 2011-2012 activities ROSSAD 486 Kilobytes
Project proposal that ROSSAD submitted to VSO as partnership framework. 1.18 Megabytes
Report of 24 members of formarion ROSSAD senior ponds, the cascades of Mohoun and Southwest 1.08 Megabytes
Report of national policy on security of land rural. 501 Kilobytes
Report of participation in the consultation with African CSOs on THE AGENDA SUMMIT A RIO +20 NAIROBI, KENYA 474 Kilobytes
Report of participation in the summit of Rio + 20 534 Kilobytes
Report of the meeting of officers of ROSSAD. 287 Kilobytes
Report of the members of training on ROSSAD Warrantage imasgo a / koudougou in Imasgo commune in Center-West Region of Burkina Faso. 567 Kilobytes
Report of the workshop on information and sensitization of members ROSSAD of the law on land tenure in rural Burkina Faso. 707 Kilobytes
Report of “Meeting The Challenges Of Food Security In West Africa Through Sustainable Agricultural Development” 229 Kilobytes
ROSSAD members and partners declaration on food sovereignty at the end of the training on food sovereignty and national consultation on aid effectiveness in agriculture and rural development in BURKINA FASO. 407 Kilobytes
Speech from the minister of agriculture and water. Delivered on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the workshop information / outreach ROSSAD members and partners on the law on rural land tenure. 131 Kilobytes
Speech of the president of ROSSAD in the workshop on training of members on ROSSAD law concerning the security of rural land in BURKINA FASO. 402 Kilobytes
Speech of the President of ROSSAD in training Workshop for Members of the Regional Committees of the Technical ROSSAD 303 Kilobytes
Summary report of second regular session of the general assembly national council of food security. 435 Kilobytes
The Nairobi Declaration of Reclaiming Rights at Rio: CSO Consultation to the African Agenda in the Rio+20 Summit 492 Kilobytes
Workshop report and photos of reflection on the food sovereignty and aid effectiveness in agriculture sector and sustainable development 753 Kilobytes


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