2009 -2010

A research on “Food Right Policies” 757 Kilobytes
An Analysis Of The Draft National Agricultural Policy In Uganda 145 Kilobytes
Asia Regional IFSN Workshop 3.47 Megabytes
Asia Regional Sustainable Agriculture Workshop 2.58 Megabytes
Budget tracking Foodplan workshop 383 Kilobytes
BULSAD, the French newsletter from ROSSAD 973 Kilobytes
BULSAD, the French newsletter from ROSSAD -: Jan-June 695 Kilobytes
Contribution of RESCSAN-STP 90 Kilobytes
EPA Campaign Report 2.91 Megabytes
Fact sheet on budget tracking 3.26 Megabytes
Farmers Alternative Bank 441 Kilobytes
Floods and Cyclones 924 Kilobytes
Food and Agriculture Governance 956 Kilobytes
Food Security Among Crises 265 Kilobytes
Hanging Garden 460 Kilobytes
IFSN ETHIOPIA Assosa 555 Kilobytes
IFSN ETHIOPIA Bahir Dar 2.38 Megabytes
IFSN ETHIOPIA Hawassa 311 Kilobytes
Informal Sector Baseline Survey ETHIOPIA 1.03 Megabytes
Informe de Actividades 318 Kilobytes
Invest In Small Holder Farmers: Six Areas For Improvement In Agricultural Financing 1.95 Megabytes
Mainstreaming gender 522 Kilobytes
Mainstreaming gender in water and land resource management 370 Kilobytes
Market Linkage and Fair Price of Agricultural Produce and People’s Food Security 169 Kilobytes
National and regional food security 111 Kilobytes
Policy Brief 120 Kilobytes
Report IFSN SENEGAL 982 Kilobytes
Report in Portuguese on the FAO Workshop 584 Kilobytes
Report on Farmer Exchange to CIFPEN 1.98 Megabytes
Report on Leadership training 553 Kilobytes
Report on seminar on public policies 1.58 Megabytes
Report on seminar on public policies 2 325 Kilobytes
Report on the CSO Parallel Meeting to the 30th FAO-APRC 418 Kilobytes
Report on the inception meeting of the IFSN West Africa 261 Kilobytes
South-South People’s Solidarity Network Workshop 165 Kilobytes
Study on Food Schemes 1.11 Megabytes
Success in reducing hunger 400 Kilobytes
Tobacco Farming Impact from Peoples’ Perspective 577 Kilobytes
Training Manual 495 Kilobytes
Value Chain Analysis ETHIOPIA 407 Kilobytes


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