AFSN holds Regional Planning Workshop

A four-day regional planning workshop of Asia Food Security Network (AFSN), a part of International Food Security Network (IFSN), was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 27-30 March 2014. AFSN member country representatives (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam), representatives from AFSN Regional Secretariat and ActionAid International, and IFSN Global Secretariat personnel attended the workshop.

The first day focused on learning, sharing, outcomes and analysis of the activities carried out by AFSN in year one [Mar'13-Mar'14]. Then the IFSN Global Secretariat and each member countries shared their year one experiences. The day ended with an open discussion encompassing issues pertaining to global food security and nutrition scenario, opportunities for AFSN in year two and issues relating to year one assessment.

Built on first day's discussion, the second day prepared the year two plans and budget in a highly participatory manner where each member country had ample space to voice their opinion.

The third day entailed sessions on training and capacity building e.g. the initial sessions focused training on advocacy at the regional and global level. The latter part of the day encompassed sessions on communications and visibility, communications strategy and team communications protocol, challenge and how they can be overcome.

The last day opened with sessions on financial reporting and operation. Then, the discussions focused on reporting, documentation and delegation of activities and research by the regional network. The latter sessions shed light on the regional governance structure including the role of national networks and the regional focal person and pertinent issues. The day ended with discussion and comments on the IFSN communication strategy, and the monitoring and evaluation framework.

In the end, all participants committed to implementing the activities planned for year two towards improving the situation of food and nutrition security across Asia.


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