Created in 2004, IFSN is now in its second phase since October 2009. Until December 2012, its activities will be developed around the vision ’Strengthening Civil Society Networking in the International Policy Dialogue for an Increased Food Security’ guided by a new governance structure to pursue its new objectives. It intends, however, to replicate the good practices as well as use lessons from the previous phase to enhance IFSN’s potentials globally. IFSN has a strong component towards south-south shared learning, to disseminate knowledge within the networks and among national governments to influence policies and programs for increased food security. Its ultimate goal is to reach at least 500 thousand food insecure households and 3 million individual right holders – including men, women and children, distributed among specific groups such as elderly people, PLHA, indigenous communities, peasants and other producer groups (fishing communities, pastoralists, forest dwellers), all living with or threatened by hunger in developing countries – who can benefit from more democratic FNS policies and the implementation of the RTF framework.


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