Peuples Solidaires within Commission Agriculture et Alimentation – Coordination Sud (C2A)

Peuples Solidaires, established in July 1984, carries out a range of activities including awareness-raising programmes, campaigns on sustainable development and globalisation issues,  production of educational resources, delivery of educational activities in primary and secondary schools, organisation of public events and speaker tours.  It also provides trainings on gender, right to food, labor rights, its supporters and the public on a regular basis. Peuples Solidaires  promotes and defends economic, social and cultural rights, mainly in the form of support to Southern NGOs and trade unions and of advocacy work through its urgent appeals system, supported by almost 9,000 members. It also supports the work of farmers organisations networks, especially in West Africa (AOPP, ROPPA), India (Ekta Parishad) and Latin America (COLSIBA, MST).


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